Friday, December 9, 2011

Testing... One.... Two...

Hello? Is anyone out there?

I originally began planning this blog as a way to showcase my photography. I have really started to get serious about it these last few months, and I have been blessed with people who are actually interested in letting me photograph them. It's great being able to view the pictures on my faceboook or my flickr page, but I wanted to be able to talk about each person I take pictures of. Everyone I have worked with so far has just been completely wonderful and I have yet to do any photo shoots that weren't fun.
The more I planned, the more I realized I wanted to do with this blog. Anyone who knows me knows that I love hair and makeup, which is strange because I am not very girly at all. I hate doing my own face and hair, but I love dolling other people up. I am planning to go to cosmetology school soon and I want to find a way to incorporate it with my photography business one day. I promise you will see a lot of hair and beauty tutorials on here from me.

Thanks to anyone who is taking the time to read this! This will probably be my most boring post, considering it's late and I am new to all this. Hopefully I will have an "About Me" post up soon!... And hopefully a new, prettier layout. Haha.


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