About Me


About Me
My name is Emily-Ann. I am an aspiring photographer and lover of all things cat related. :)

I grew up in Wartrace, Tennessee. It is the definition of small town. Actually, it's more like a "tiny town". We only had a gas station (which I walked to with my cousin, Melissa, nearly every day for junk food for a good portion of my childhood.), a park, and a square that didn't really have anything in it. We lived in a big, old house that my parents filled with antique furniture and pictures. As a child I was terrified to go anywhere in it alone. I was convinced it was haunted and all the antiques just added to the creepiness. Now, as somewhat of an adult, I really appreciate all of it and I miss it now that we are living in a slightly bigger town. I think that house started my love of antique and thrift stores. 

I am the middle child and the only girl in my family. I have a little brother, Jonathan, who is the complete opposite of me in every way. He likes video games, sports, and basically any music that I can't stand. However, he is pretty hilarious and he keeps me laughing when we aren't trying to strangle each other. Then there is my older brother, Derrick, whom I am the female form of. I attribute my love of reading, writing, and my weirdness to him.

A more recent, less awkward picture of my brother and his wifey that I took.

I live with my parents and I really think they are cooler than 99% of people my age. My mom and I talk all the time (to the point where I get worried if she hasn't called in a few hours and Zach makes fun of me.) and I am definitely a daddy's girl.

 I am probably the luckiest girl in the world because I am dating my best friend.  Zach is just an amazing person and I am very blessed to be his lady. I love our movie nights and our little nature walks. He is my constant source of hilarity and random film trivia. Plus, Matilda is pretty much obsessed with him, so I think he's a keeper. 

 Speaking of Matilda, she is who this blog is named after. She is the coolest kitty that ever lived and you will probably see quite a few posts about her. She enjoys plastic bags, lying on my clothes, tuna, pretending to hate me, and getting as much attention from Zach as she possibly can.

Lastly is my little Pocky, who is not so little anymore. I miss her being the size she was in the picture, but she is still really cute and funny. She is an absolute handful. She gets in trouble constantly for chewing on things and getting too rough when she plays, but she is still sweet and gets her feelings hurt if I scold her and wants to lick my face.

That's pretty much all you need to know about me. If you have any questions feel free to ask, or email me at matildasmenagerie@gmail.com!