Sunday, December 11, 2011

We have a winner!

As everyone pretty much knows I have been having a contest over on my photography page. It has been a lot of fun. I did not expect it to get as crazy as it did for a while there, but it was very entertaining to watch it unfold. I was going to hold it out a bit longer, but I just can't the suspense.


Brooke Ray, you are one competitive lady. I think you guys totaled at around 240 votes. Anyways, I am so so so excited to work with you and your mister and you better believe I am going to snap some pictures of your little one. I can't resist that much cuteness.

What you won: A free, one hour photoshoot. Any location of your choice (as long as it's not Narnia or outer space.). You will get a disc with all your pictures which I will edit in Photoshop, plus your original ones if you would like to edit them yourself.

Okay, now to everyone who participated. Thanks so much. You guys are all amazing and if I could I would make it so everyone could win. Since I unfortunately can't make that happen everyone who participated is getting 25% off a two hour photoshoot. Whoo!

Well, it is going on 1 am and I think my brain is turning into oatmeal. I apologize for all the misspellings and poor grammar I am sure is scattered throughout this post. Again, thanks to everyone who participated and thanks to everyone that voted!



  1. Mhm, love Brooke to death. But you can't count.

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  3. I just saw this, how rude. I'm sure you learned to count correctly in school, Em.