Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Crustmas.

Sorry for such a late Christmas post. I feel like I've been neglecting the blog lately, but things have been crazy around here. Between my brother's wedding, work, and the holidays I am just now feeling like my brain isn't oatmeal. I wouldn't trade the craziness for anything, though... well, I think I could give up dealing with all the rude people that came into the store.
Anyways, how was everyone's Christmas? Mine was amazing. I got to spend tons of time with my family and my handsome boyfriend and I now have more lovely vintage looking dresses than I know what to do with. We ate so much food I think I could go without for about a week... all that country ham is starting to give me strange dreams.

Mom got my dad a new truck. I, unfortunately, didn't get to see him be surprised with it as I was dealing with a mob of unfriendly people at work, but I think the top picture explains it all. I think that is my most favorite picture ever. He looks really, really happy. He needed that truck. His old Explorer was like riding in a covered wagon. I was afraid for him to even drive to work in it. Good job, Momma!

Speaking of my mom, I had my own little surprise for her. Back in October she was in Nepal and I got some of the family together for a secret photoshoot. Let me just say, I have the sweetest grandparents ever and I am so thankful I got to shoot some pictures of just them together like this. I also got several family members to write letters to my mom, which I made her read on Christmas morning before I showed her the pictures. Yeah, there was a lot of crying. My dad has informed me that I have ruined Christmas because no one can top my present. Bahaha.

Also, my brother got married to the coolest gal ever. They did the rehearsal dinner at a little Japanese place in town. The wedding itself was really pretty... I am pretty sure I cried more than they did and they were the ones getting married. Haha. The reception was amazing! So much dancing and fun. 

So, that was my holiday in a nutshell. How did everyone's go?


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