Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year.

Well, it's a new year. Lately it seems like my head is full of a million ideas and things I want to do. I have decided to use this year to really work towards what I want to do with my life.

So, this year I am going to...

Be at peace with my body. Body image is something I have struggled with since I was a little girl. After all, it isn't easy being chunky and being the tallest girl in your class at the same time. Then suddenly, I was skinny. Which I hated even more because all the girls around me were getting boobs and looking like women while I still looked like a little girl. Then this past year my body decided, yet again, it was going to completely change on me. I guess I was just a late bloomer (still waiting on other areas to "bloom"... ahem.). So now I am determined to accept my body and improve it. I am going to eat healthy, but not deprive myself. I am going to get some sort of exercise every day. Not because I want to lose weight or change myself... I kinda like being pear-shaped... but because I want to be healthy. I want to be able to love my long legs, even though they can make me clumsy and awkward sometimes. That's just a part of me. I am going to wear as little makeup as possible, if I wear any at all. Basically this year I am going to learn to love myself. Flaws and all.

Learn to sew. My Mammie and my Granny (man, I miss her.) both sewed and were/are amazing at it. I tried to do it in school, but I was pretty bad at it. However, I LOVED doing it. For Christmas I got a sewing book, and this year I am determined to make every project in it. Hopefully with the help of my Mammie, who is like the Mr. Miyagi of the sewing machine.

Get even more serious about my photography business. This, unfortunately, means changing my prices. I know this will upset a lot of people, but once you count in travel and the hours I put into editing... I am basically doing it for free right now. This has to change. I love doing it. I want to be able to do it for a living. So, I am going to have to start charging actual photographer prices for my work. There will be more info about this later. 

Open an etsy store. I would like to eventually add in some homemade items, but until I get better at sewing I am going to take a different route with it. I plan to include some prints of my photography, and I have started looking at vintage clothing. I hope to get a collection started and open the store in March. 

Work on this project I have brewing in my head. I don't want to say too much about it now... but, it's pretty darn awesome. I will be posting more about it in different blog posts.

And, finally, get this blog actually going somewhere. I have been following several other blogs religiously for a year now. I would love to be where they are right now. That means I am going to actually schedule blog posts and not be such a procrastinator. 

What are your plans for this year?