Tuesday, January 10, 2012

90 questions.

Does anyone remember those dumb myspace surveys that everyone used to do? Yeah, I did a ton of them. They also seem to be popular among bloggers as well. So, for all three of my current subscribers and the few anonymous readers I seem to have, here ya go.

90 Questions You Probably Won't Read.

So far it was spending yesterday morning with my mister, but I think tomorrow night is going to beat that.

My own.
Probably the middle of my shoulder blades/my breasties

The Shawshank Redemption. Oh my gosh. New favorite movie.

Chilli burrito. Ugh.
Bubba cola!
When they gave me expired cookie dough bites at the movies last weekends.

Zach. Haha. You guys are probably like, "Does she not hang out with anyone else?" Nope! 
Yes. Very.
Mom, that's now how that song goes.

On mah belly.
Cow pie brown.
No, but that doesn't stop me from holding my pencil like a weirdo.

 Mly-Nn Hll

Pocky and Tilders.
Either Bermuda or this last trip we all took to Florida.
Hibbetts. Haha.

My dad is watching Glee. Ehhh.
A good book and Nepali milk tea.
Pipe tobacco or leather or my boyfriend.

Baby animals.
Lying in bed texting my hunny.
ERRYDAY. No, it's June 11th.

 (I am getting so bored.) My cousin Buffy.

Oh gracious... umm... last summer?
Only my Cosmo one. Haha.
 Hardees. Hahaha. I love me some gravy and biscuits.

I want to shave my head. Just kidding! I miss short hair, but I am going to keep growing it.
When I am really nervous. I either do that or twirl my hair.
I have a really gorgeous necklace that Zach got me for our anniversary and a Pandora bracelet.
I feel like you have asked this before.
Like 70? I am an old lady.
Haha, oh gosh my mom is going to kill me... hi, mom! When I turned 18 my friend and I went out and bought a pack of Black & Milds and each smoked one, then decided they were terrible and that was that. 
Either English or Art.
 The artsy type.

 I can burp like a trucker.

 I honestly don't have one.

 When  I am alone.

 I want to own a vintage boutique.

 Here in Tennessee. And on Mars.

 I have middle child syndrome. WHY AM I NOT YOUR FAVORITE.

Haha spoiled by my boyfriend I am pretty sure.
I have to pee so bad I can taste it.

My drink of choice is sweet tea.

Who didn't make up codes in which to write notes in as children?
Do animals count?
 I am pretty sure the Olsen twins do...


 I would absolutely hate it.

 When I have to repeat myself repeatedly or when certain people I know leave beard trimmings on the bathroom sink.

Does anyone?

Cleaning out the litter box.
Home from Zach's. I stopped by to see him before he went to work.
I am a wimp. No.
Like $75ish.
Why is my puppy making such a weird noise?
Probably earlier at my little brother.
Not many. I mostly wear flats.
Haha yeah right.
I took out everything but my belly button ring.
Work and then home.
What page?
I went to Dollywood. I'm not going anywhere else until someone takes me to the freaking wizarding world of freaking harry potter.

Pepper Ann
Haha it has been a few weeks since I have cooked anything other than making coffee.

If anyone wants to email me, just shoot me a message at matildasmenagerie@gmail.com. :)
I am horrible about lying on my back and texting and then dropping it on my face. Ouch.
I have had a stuffy nose for the past week. :(
The biggest move I have ever made was from Wartrace to Shelbyville.
If all goes well I should be this next year. Hopefully out of Shelbyville. I want to live somewhere quieter.
Take the who whatta?
The invisible boat mobile!
I have him. :)

So very happy!

Wow, that was just as boring as I remember it being. Hahaha. Did anyone actually read that? My answers were pretty much the most not interesting thing ever. Aaaaaaanyways. I am currently all comfy in my tacky frog pajama pants that I have had since I was 13, so it looks like it is bed time for this little lady. Goodnight, blogland!


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  1. Yup, I actually read through the whole thing and #82 made me laugh out loud (not at you, just been there done that.) I like the photo too, it's neat how all there are all these apps that can make digital photos look like film.